At Southern Equestrian, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and careful handling of client’s items. We use detergent that is both friendly to the environment and the blankets. The blankets are air dried to prevent shrinkage. We wash saddle pads, wraps, and other horse items, too!

Blanket wash (medium and heavy weight)
Blanket wash (lightweight/rainsheet)
Excessive hair/caked mud removal
Sleazies, pads, wraps
Rip Repairs
Reattaching existing hardware
leg/tail straps
surcingle replacement
$5.00/1000 stitches

*All blankets/ items needing repair must be clean. If it is dirty, we must first wash it (at the rate listed) and then perform the repair. We will call you to discuss any repairs over $10.00.

Pickup and Delivery
Pick up and delivery available. Should your barn and/or your clients need regularly scheduled washing of saddle pads, wraps, quilts, accessory bags or any other item, we can provide you with a laundry bag and a pick up and delivery day that will suit your needs.

We can personalize your blanket(s) or any other item with a 3 letter monogram for $5.00. The monogram can be placed on the surcingle of blankets so as to not affect the waterproofing. However, the monogram can be placed most anywhere the client would like. For more personalization of items, please click on City Horse Embroidery page.

*I will buy your old, worn out, torn blankets.

*Items not claimed within 30 days of notification will become property of Southern Equestrian LLC. A storage fee of $10/month will start to accrue (after the initial 30 days) and must be paid in cash before items can be picked up. A max storage period is 90 days. After such time, the items will be donated to a local horse rescue or may be auctioned off with proceeds going to a local horse rescue.